Artist Title Type Label
1927 ...Ish A UMA
Allday Protection S UL
Amyl and the Sniffers Monsoon Rock S FLE
Anatole Emulsion A UCL
Angels, The Symphony Of Angels A BLL
Angus and Julia Stone A Book Like This A 723
Art Of Fighting Your Love S RMT
Aston Shuffle, The Now Or Never S  
Bec Willis Other Side Of Town A CLS
Benn Gunn I Got The Boat S CLS
Blake Dantier Mary Jane S CLS
Blood Blossoms 2003 A  
Body Type Stingray S PAR
Bombs Away You Gotta Be S CEN
Brandon Jonak Views S HUS
Brave, The Desolation S  
Carl Dewhurst Rock Dog A  
Cast Down A Deconstruction Of Self A  
Clare Bowditch Woman S ISL
Clea Nothing Breaks Like A Heart S ABC
Coda Conduct The Monologue S ELT
Cosmo's Midnight C.U.D.I. S QA
Crooked Colours Hold On S SIO
Cyndi Boste Home Truths A CLS
Daggy Man I'm Going To Love As Long As I Live A  
Dan Sultan Aviary Takes A LIB
dave graney and the mistLY Zippa Deedoo What Is/Was That/This? A CCK
Dean Lewis A Place We Knew A ISL
Dean Lewis 7 Minutes S ISL
Dean Lewis Hold Of Me S ISL
Dean Lewis Straight Back Down S ISL
Dean Lewis Don't Hold Me S ISL
Dean Lewis Half A Man S ISL
Dean Lewis Stay Awake S ISL
Dean Lewis A Place We Knew S ISL
Dean Lewis Time To Go S ISL
Dean Lewis For The Last Time S ISL
Didirri Tea Stains S  
DJ Nino Brown Flex S UMA
Donatachi Do What I Want S ETC
Eliott Shaking My Hips S ISL
Flume Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape) A FUS
Gang Of Youths The Positions A MOS
Gemini 4 Gemini 4 A  
George Michelle Here Right Now S ETC
Glenn Shorrock Glenn Shorrock Sings Little River Band A  
Green Buzzard Amidst the Clutter & Mess A IOU
Halcyon Drive Reach S QA
Halcyon Drive Elephant Bones A YD
Happiness is Wealth Move S YD
Hijackers All The Time S  
Hillsong United Another In The Fire - Live S HMA
Hilltop Hoods The Great Expanse A ISL
Hilltop Hoods Exit Sign S ISL
Huntly Low Grade Buzz A  
I Know Leopard Seventy Lies S IVY
Jai Waetford Honestly S YD
Jake Carmody Alone S CEN
Jason Owen Power Of Love, The (Acoustic) S CLS
Jaycen A'mour Heartbreak Anthem S  
Jayteehazard Mirror S ELT
Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea Hidden Hands A MLR
Jen Mize & Mark Sholtez Twilight On The Trail A AE4
Jenny Queen Baby It Was Real And We Were The Best A ABC
Jess Ribeiro Chair Stare S  
Jordan Magro Do It Anyway S CEN
Joyride Underwater S DEW
Julia Jacklin Crushing A LIB
Kerry Kennedy Goodnight Little Man S CLS
Kerser Take it And Run S ADA
Kerser Lifestyle A ABK
KESMAR Up To You - Remix EP A ISL
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Cyboogie S FLE
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Fishing For Fishies S FLE
Kite String Tangle, The P()L4R S WMA
Kyle Lionhart So Close S IVY
L D R U Lay You Down S QA
Laurels, The Monkey On My Back S RNE
Lee Kernaghan Wheels S ABC
Lila Gold Happy Idiot S ILL
Living End, The Hellbound / It's For Your Own Good A BGU
LOS LEO False Start S ISL
Lo-Tel Planet Of The Stereos A KN
Lo-Tel The Lost Thing A KN
Mansionair Shadowboxer A LIB
Mark Wilkinson Blue Eyed Girls A IDP
Mason Lister Show Me - EP S  
Matt Anderson Halfway Home By Morning A  
Matt Corby Miracle Love S ISL
Mick Thomas & the Roving Commission Coldwater DFU A BLL
Money War, The Home A LBI
Moonbase Everyday Raver S DEW
Morgan Bain Blood S QA
Murlocs, The Manic Candid Episode A FLE
Natasha Duarte Living Proof A  
Ninajirachi Lapland A  
Northlane Mesmer A  
Nyne I Think You're S DEW
Ocean Party, The Nothing Grows A SPU
Ocean Party, The Nothing Grows A SPU
Odd Mob All Of Your Heart S CEN
Omega Ensemble, The Mozart: Symphony No. 40, Clarinet Concerto, Bassoon Concerto A ACL
Paul Kelly The Best Of The A-Z Recordings A GAWD
Persian Rugs, The Turkish Delight A  
Perto Gone S WMA
Polish Club We Don't Care S ISL
Pond Ray Of Light S ABC
Pond Tasmania A  
Regurgitator's POGOGO Show The Really Really Really Really Boring Album A ABR
Route 33 Kryptonite S  
Ruel Younger S RCR
Ruel Say S RCR
Rufus Du Sol Atlas A RSV
Sarah Mary Chadwick The Queen Who Stole The Sky S RNE
Seekers, The I'll Never Find Another You S DDC
Seekers, The The Carnival Is Over S DDC
Silverchair Neon Ballroom A SBM
Sir Charles Mackerras Sydney Opera House Gala Opening Concert 1973 - Highlights A ACL
Soul Movers, The Bona Fide A ABC
Stella Donnelly Beware Of The Dogs A  
Sunbeam Sound Machine Seems Like You've Made Up Your Mind S DOT
Tal Wilkenfeld Love Remains A BGU
Tame Impala Patience S MOD
Thandi Phoenix Say It S NR0
Tim Light Sneak S  
Tropical Fuck Storm The Planet of Straw Men S FLE
Tyron Hapi One Last Time (Remixes) S  
Urbanity Urbanity A  
Vampires, The Pacifica A  
Vassy Concrete Hart S  
Vera Blue Lady Powers S ISL
Washington Achilles Heart A ISL
Will Day In The Real World S CLS
Yours Truly I Can't Feel S  




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