AMPCOM - Supporting Australian Music

The Australian Music Performance Committee (AMPCOM) is a voluntary association comprised of representatives of Commercial Radio Australia (CRA), the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), and the Australian Music Publishers’ Association Ltd (AMPAL) represented currently on AMPCOM by delegates from APRA and AMCOS, the Musicians’ Union of Australia and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA).


  • To maximise the exposure of Australian music on commercial radio, having due regard to the availability of appropriate broadcast-worthy material and the needs and preferences of the Australian listening public.
  • To monitor the commercial radio industry’s observance of the Australian Music Code of Practice (the Code).
  • To monitor the music industry’s production of Australian music performances and composition.
  • To monitor the effects of the Code on performers, composers, producers of sound recordings, musicians and broadcasters.
  • To review the operation of the Code and to recommend changes to it as considered necessary.
  • To consider such other matters, relevant to the above objects, as the Committee thinks fit.

The AMPCOM Report outlines the compliance by the commercial radio industry with the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice that relate to the playing of Australian music on radio.



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