ARIA Combined Singles Chart Rules

The following rules are to be read in conjunction with, and form part of, ARIA’s general Code of Practice for ARIA Charts (Code).  They specifically address the eligibility criteria for ARIA’s Singles Chart (Combined), and the methodology for calculation of that chart.

ARIA membership is not a prerequisite for inclusion of a label’s recordings in the Singles Chart, but is encouraged.  All record companies and distributors remain free to package and market their recordings in any way they choose, but products that do not comply with these rules will not be eligible for inclusion in the Singles Chart.

If there is any conflict between the provisions of these specific rules and the Code, then the provisions of these rules will apply to the extent of that inconsistency.

Subject to the terms of this Code of Practice, all digital tracks and bundles are eligible for inclusion in the Singles Chart regardless of whether or not there is a corresponding physical release.



This is a survey based chart, and Labels must nominate product for inclusion.  It is the Label’s responsibility to ensure that all eligibility criteria are met.  ARIA may request the Label from time to time to provide such information as ARIA may require in order to satisfy itself that the eligibility criteria have been met.  ARIA may decline to include the product in the relevant chart unless and until such information is provided.


Labels must supply relevant digital product identifiers as part of the survey request process (see Merged Chart Survey Form attached).  The following types of identifiers will be accepted:

  • ISRC (for tracks)
  • Catalogue number, APN or GRID (for bundles)

The aggregation of different physical and / or digital variants will be based on the identification of the lead track.  Record Labels are to select and notify relevant lead track for survey purposes (see Merged Chart Survey Form attached).


Only sales of digital products reported by contributing DSPs with identifiers that accord with the survey request information submitted by labels will be aggregated for chart calculation purposes.  As a result, it is critical that identifiers communicated via the Merged Chart Survey Form are those utilised by contributing DSPs.


All digital formats of a track must carry an ISRC.  All digital bundles must carry a unique identifier (ie digital barcode).  Sales of digital tracks without ISRC and digital bundles without barcode will not be tracked for chart purposes.


Sales of different formats and variants of a single may be combined for chart calculation purposes where each format contains the lead track, providing the format/ variant proposed for aggregation does not contain the lead track of any other chart single.


Labels may amend survey information (eg designated lead track) by submitting a further survey request using the designated Merged Chart Survey Form.  Amendments will only take effect prospectively (ie from the first day of the chart period following submission of the amended survey request)


Digital sales which may be aggregated are:

8.1.1 Actual lead track (radio edit or album version),as a single purchase,

8.1.2 both ‘explicit’ and ‘clean’ versions of the lead track (provided one of them is the nominated lead track) and album version will be eligible for aggregation, provided they are of the same duration and essentially identical to the lead or album track contained on the physical single, apart from minimal variation in lyrics,

8.1.3 video clip version of the lead track,

8.1.4 actual lead track, bundled with ring tone and/or video, and

8.1.5 any digital bundle containing the lead track, where that bundle conforms with the duration, content and other eligibility criteria for Singles under the Code.  ARIA will not aggregate any bundle unless nominated by the Label via the Merged Chart Survey Form.


Product sales are aggregated on the basis of unique purchasers, as reported by contributing DSPs.



5 November 2007

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