ARIA to Change Chart Week

The Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) has announced today that, from mid-January 2006 the ARIA ‘chart week’ will shift to first sale Saturday morning to last sale on Friday evening, a change from the current cycle of first sale Sunday to last sale Saturday.

ARIA has been working with the Australian Music Retailers Association (AMRA) and key retailers to implement this change for some time now and this change has the strong support of both record labels and retailers across Australia. It will ensure record labels can maximize the impact of new releases on the Charts and will allow retailers to rack new releases on a Saturday to satisfy consumer demand. With the current chart reporting period commencing first sale on Sunday, any sales of new release stock on a Saturday are typically not included in the following Chart.

“We realised some time ago that shifting the chart reporting week would bring the Charts more into line with both retailer wishes and consumer demand” commented Stephen Peach, ARIA CEO. “Many retailers receive new release stock before the weekend of its official release and, obviously, they’re keen to start selling it on Saturday, traditionally the busiest sales day of the week”.

The planned shift will be implemented on 16 January 2006, with the first chart based the amended cycle being published on Sunday, 21 January 2006. In order to implement the change, the Chart for this transitional week will be based on sales for six days only, from Sunday 15th to Friday 20th January.

“Retailers are clearly a vital partner in the success of the recording industry in Australia,” commented John O’Donnell, ARIA Chart and Marketing Committee Chairman and Managing Director EMI Music Australia. “The ARIA Charts are a critical sales tool for the industry, so it’s important that they to adapt to changes in the retail sector in this increasingly competitive market.”

“Record labels, retailers, artists and consumers refer to the ARIA Charts each week and take a keen interest in the success of their favourite performers,” commented Denis Handlin AM, ARIA Chairman and Chairman and CEO SONY BMG Music Entertainment Australia and New Zealand. “The change in the ARIA Chart cycle will be a great benefit not only to retailers and record labels, but more importantly to consumers who will be able to purchase new releases a day earlier with the knowledge that their purchase will contribute to their favourite artist’s chart performance the following week.”

The ARIA Charts are compiled each week with retail sales data from over 1,100 music stores across Australia. They remain Australia’s only official music sales charts and a critical sales tool for record labels and retailers.

For more information contact:

Christy Hayes
ARIA Communications Manager
02 8569 1144

15 December 2005

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