Commercial Radio Music Code

For many years the Australian Music Performance Committee (AMPCOM) was a voluntary association comprised of representatives of Commercial Radio Australia (CRA), the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA), the Australian Music Publishers’ Association Ltd, the Musicians’ Union of Australia and the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance.

AMPCOM’s objectives were:

Each year AMPCOM published annual reports (The AMPCOM Report) outlining the compliance by the commercial radio industry with the Commercial Radio Codes of Practice that relate to the playing of Australian music on radio. Those reports are still available below.

In March 2017 the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) registered an updated Code which effectively discontinued the AMPCOM.

Section 5 of the revised Code sets out provisions which require commercial radio stations to play a certain proportion of Australian music. The Code can be viewed here.

ARIA will still make available the compliance reports (ie ‘content returns’) prepared by CRA annually, together with the information on the production of new Australian music. As they become available, those reports will be accessible from this page.

Production of New Australian Music

The figures for the AMPCOM 2018 report are as follows:

Aust tracks released This Year % Last Year %
Ambient 118 0.8 98 0.5
Childrens 255 1.6 70 0.4
Classical 844 5.4 1036 5.7
Comedy / Spoken word 34 0.2 14 0.1
Country / Folk 1001 6.3 2468 13.5
Easy / MOR / Nostalgia 85 0.5 136 0.7
Jazz 160 1 276 1.5
Rock, Pop, Dance 13053 82.7 13830 75.5
Soul / R&B 125 0.8 200 1.1
Traditional 116 0.7 186 1
Total 15791 100 18314 100
Aus release schedule        
Australian v Overseas 17.10%   22.10%  
Tracks released 15791   18314  
Total tracks released 92346   82814  


The figures were calculated on the same basis as previously - 6 tracks on each single, 14 per album, 30 per multiple and 20 per compilation.

Genre classifications are determined by the record companies in their catalogue updates. There was a significant number of items with no genre allocations as we did not receive any. They amounted to 56.9% of the total releases & 34.2% of the tracks. They were added to the “rock, pop, dance” genre as in previous years.

The figures do not include all digital only releases and are largely physical product.

Find previous AMPCOM reports here (external link)