News 21 November 2020

Access All ARIAs 2020: KIAN and Tash Sultana

It's all part of ARIA Week 2020, presented by Mitsubishi Motors.

Access All ARIAs 2020: KIAN and Tash Sultana

We met with KIAN and Tash Sultana to talk about their inspirations, their first performances and how they got through the COVID-19 lockdown.

KIAN is nominated for his track ‘Every Hour’ and Tash Sultana is nominated for her track ‘Pretty Lady’. The pair discussed their inspirations throughout their careers, Tash saying she now has a sense of clarity in her song writing. KIAN stressed the freedom he has found as he has grown up, and not feeling the need to put his music into a box. Tash offered advice to KIAN to keep breaking down walls between genres and to focus on making music that is true to within himself.

Both Tash and KIAN returned home just before international borders were closed. Lockdown came during a busy songwriting and recording period for KIAN, and a planned album release for Tash, which all had to be pushed back. Their silver linings of lockdown however involved being able to relax, re-imagine their visions, and spend time here at home in Australia.

Tash and KIAN were both humbly surprised by their ARIA nominations. You can tune in to see who wins at the 2020 ARIA Awards, in partnership with YouTube Music, on Wednesday, 25 November.