News 9 December 2021

ARIA and PPCA welcome the commencement of the music industry review

The Report will be released in July 2022.

ARIA and PPCA welcome the commencement of the music industry review

ARIA and PPCA today thanked and congratulated the Temporary Working Group for leading the engagement of consultants Alexandra Shehadie and Sam Turner, who will undertake a national independent review of sexual harm, harassment and systemic discrimination across the Australian contemporary music industry.

Ms Shehadie and Ms Turner were selected by a panel comprised of the Temporary Working Group, ARIA and PPCA, APRA AMCOS, The Australia Council and Support Act. Their independent review will hear the stories, experiences, and submissions of music professionals from all parts of the contemporary music industry to inform a deep understanding of the issues at play and recommend solutions and areas for reform. The Report will be released in July 2022.

ARIA and PPCA Chief Executive Officer, Annabelle Herd, said: “This review is so important to create a safe, diverse, equitable and ultimately better industry for all who work and operate in Australian music. I am confident we have the right team to move our industry forward in Ms Shehadie and Ms Turner, through a comprehensive independent review of what is happening across all levels of music and why. Their wealth of experience in promoting safe and inclusive environments in industries from government and commercial aviation to education will give us the insight and solutions we need. Of course, I want to acknowledge that none of this would be happening without the survivors and thank those with lived experience who have so bravely spoken up, made their voices heard, and brought us to this point.

"The music industry is special, it is full of inspiring, creative and passionate people working hard and doing what they love, but it is still a workplace. No one should be subjected to bullying, sexual harassment or sexual assault while at work. I strongly support this ambitious and ground-breaking industry-wide review, and call on industry businesses, organisations, and individuals to make any contribution they can to the review's decentralised and independent funding approach."

ARIA and PPCA Chief Operating Officer, Lynne Small, added: “Regardless of industry, everyone deserves a safe, inclusive and equitable place of work – anything less is simply unacceptable. I want to thank Ms Shehadie and Ms Turner for bringing their immense experience to our own industry, and congratulate the Temporary Working Group members for their dedication and effort over the past months to bring us to this point. There are voices that need to be heard and changes that must be made in order to achieve the working environment the wonderful and passionate members of our music industry deserve. I look forward to welcoming that change."

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