Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award

Nominations and entries for the 2021 Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award are now closed.

The Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award is back for 2021

Telstra and ARIA are excited to announce the return of The Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award for 2021.

This special ARIA Award, launched in partnership with The Song Room in 2017, recognises the incredible contribution of music teachers throughout Australia. It rewards teachers for their hard work, creativity and dedication to their students and wider community. By celebrating our amazing music teachers, it also helps to shine a light on the importance of music to education and student engagement.

Recognise the influence of Australian music teachers.

Behind most artists who make it to the ARIA stage is a dedicated music teacher or mentor. The Telstra ARIA Music Teacher Award was

introduced by ARIA, in partnership with The Song Room and Telstra, to recognise music teachers for their passion and hard work in

providing Australian children with a better education and the chance to play and enjoy music.

Music and creativity help improve education standards, well-being and build a stronger connection for students to their school life. In

2021, celebrate the exceptional influence music teachers have on our kids, setting them up for a bright future.

Why Music Teachers Matter

Research shows that children involved in music at school:

  • achieve better grades
  • attend school more often
  • improve their self-esteem and confidence, and experience less stress, depression, loneliness and anger

Creative kids are brighter kids, and research shows that participation in music programs has a positive impact on childrens lives.

3 out of 4 Australian children have no access to specialist music education at school, despite the fact that The Song Room’s programs d