ARIA Music Teacher Award Privacy Collection Statement

ARIA Music Teacher Award – Privacy Collection Statement

This Privacy Collection Statement applies to music teachers who are nominated, proposed or participating for the ARIA Music Teacher Award (the Award), as well as any individual who nominates or proposes, or acts as a referee for, a music teacher who is participating in the Award. It operates in conjunction with the ARIA Privacy Policy.

What types of personal information is ARIA collecting?

In order to administer the Award, ARIA collects personal information primarily related to an individual’s business and/or professional capacities. This can include, but is not limited to:

  • details of the music teacher who is proposed, nominated or participating for the Award (including name, phone number and email, the name of their workplace, their photograph, video footage with their image, qualifications, work experience and a biography); and
  • the name and contact details of a person who nominates or proposes a music teacher, or a person who acts as a referee for a particular music teacher.

ARIA collects this personal information through the online application form filled out by an individual in relation to the Award, as well as any material sent in support of an application.

Why is ARIA collecting personal information?

ARIA is collecting personal information that is necessary for the selection, judgment, administration and announcement of the Award. Personal information collected will also be used for the preparation, staging, production, promotion, broadcast and communication of the annual ARIA Awards event and the Award itself. If requested information is not provided, ARIA may be unable to adequately process and review an entry for the Award or its supporting material, which may lead to an entry being ineligible for the Award. 

How will collected personal information be used?

Personal information collected by ARIA will be used to carry out the following activities:

  • organising the annual ARIA Awards and associated events, including the administration and announcement of the Award.This may include contacting a person who has proposed a music teacher or the music teacher in respect of their application;
  • responding to queries about the ARIA Awards and the Award;the production of promotional content for the Award and the ARIA Awards, for example e-newsletters and social media campaigns, video content, photographs and the production, broadcast and communication of the ARIA Awards (in whole or in part);
  • allocating seating, confirming attendance or booking travel/accommodation for the ARIA Awards or an ARIA event;
  • and reporting purposes for ARIA and its partners in respect of the ARIA Awards and associated events.

Once collected, personal information will be stored on ARIA’s password protected computer network, while physical files will be kept on secure premises.

Access is only granted to authorised ARIA employees and contractors who, as a condition of their employment, must maintain confidentiality of all information they have access to.

Who does ARIA disclose personal information to?

ARIA discloses personal information to The Song Room, who work with ARIA in relation to the Award. The Song Room will handle your personal information in accordance with their privacy policy which is located here: ARIA will also share the personal information submitted as part of the entry with the judges of the Award and ARIA’s staff and contractors that are involved in the production of the Award and the ARIA Awards.

Personal information may also be included within content published online or broadcast on TV in relation to announcing and publicising the ARIA Awards, the Award and the nominees and winner of the Award.

Who can I contact about this Privacy Collection Statement or handling of my personal information?

If you have a question or would like to make a complaint about this Privacy Collection Statement, the ARIA Privacy Policy, or the handling of your personal information, please contact the ARIA Privacy Officer.

The ARIA Privacy Officer can be contacted by:

phone: (02) 8569 1144
post: ARIA Privacy OfficerPO Box Q20

For more information about how ARIA collects, handles, stores and discloses personal information, please see the ARIA Privacy Policy.