News 23 November 2020

ARIA Masterclass 2020: Managers Roundtable

It's all part of ARIA Week 2020, presented by Mitsubishi Motors.

ARIA Masterclass 2020: Managers Roundtable

The second panel for this year's ARIA Masterclass sees Lars Brandle meeting with Andrew Stone, Leon Rogovoy, Cathy Oates, Stephen Collins and Ellen Kirk, to talk about how their roles as managers have changed during the pandemic and the skills a manager needs in the current music landscape.

Some highlights include:

The panel reflect on how the cancelling of shows due to COVID19 affected them and their artists. Stone speaks about the difficulty in losing the ability to tour, especially as this is one of the biggest revenue streams for artists and managers, and the best way to build audiences.

Rogovoy expresses how devastating it was when DMA’s had to cancel their tour as they were on the cusp of expanding internationally, just after completing their biggest ever show at Brixton Academy in the UK.

Kirk calls 2020 the ‘Year of Pivot’, where managers have been forced to be creative in looking for new activities to keep them and their artists engaged.

The panel discusses the skill set needed to be a manager, especially in 2020. Collins speaks about the importance of a manager being able to listen to their artists in this time, especially with his artist Miiesha who is still ascending in her career.

Collins pushes the point that it is important for the artist’s career to be moving at a pace that is appropriate for the them. Oates echoes this notion, stating how important it is to understand what the artist wants, and not focusing on what the manager wants.

Kirk states how helpful it is for her to have a broad knowledge of processes in all aspects of the industry, especially through 2020 looking at new activities, and finding new work structures whilst managing from overseas.

The panel talk about the excitement and platform that ARIA nominations provide for artists, especially to reflect on the hard work both the artist and the manager have put in throughout their careers. The managers plan to celebrate with their nominated artists on awards night.

You can watch the 2020 ARIA Awards, in partnership with YouTube Music, on Wednesday, 25 November.