News 10 August 2022

Beyoncé and Eminem are neck-and-neck on this weeks Albums Chart

Who will take out the #1 on this week's ARIA Charts!

Beyoncé and Eminem are neck-and-neck on this weeks Albums Chart


Beyoncé and Eminem are neck-and-neck for the #1 position on this week's ARIA Albums Chart. After topping the Albums Chart last week with Renaissance, Beyoncé is dominating the charts with her third consecutive #1 album. Gaining traction with a likely Top #2 debut is Eminem with Curtain Call 2 the follow up to #1 charting and 12 X Platinum award winning Album Curtain Call: The Hits


Also debuting on this weeks Albums Chart are Yolŋu indie rockers, King Stingray with their, self-titled and first album. The body is predicted to land them in the Top #5 while 5 times ARIA Award winner, Diesel is looking to land in the Top #10 with a new record, Hepfidelity 30, the follow up to Hepfidelity and The Lobbiest which both peaked #1 on the Albums Chart in the 90s. 



All looking to debut in the Top #20 on this week's ARIA Singles Chart are DJ Khaled with Staying Alive which features Drake & Lil Baby and supergroup Benny Blanco, BTS and Snoop Dog with their track Bad Decisions


Creeping back into the Top #3 is Beyoncé with Break my Soul which is looking to reach its peak on this week’s Singles Chart. One Republic are making their way back into the Top #10 with I Ain’t Worried which is shaping up to land the song its peak position in the Top #5 this week.