ARIA Awards Frequently Asked Questions

The ARIAs are the flagship event of the Australian music calendar - a celebration of all that is great and popular in local music.

How artists get nominated for an ARIA Award

The ARIA Awards are open to product released by ARIA members (ARIA is the Australian Record Industry Association) ARIA members can be artists, record companies, CD distributors, manufacturers, etc. Each year, all ARIA members are contacted by the ARIA Awards Coordinator with details on how to submit recordings for consideration by the ARIA Awards judging panel. If you wish to join ARIA so you can enter recordings in the ARIA Awards, note that membership applications generally close off in the middle of July each year, and only memberships current and approved on that date may enter recordings in the Awards.

Who votes for the ARIA Awards?

The annual ARIA Awards cover a range of categories, with the winners in different categories determined by the votes from (a) the ARIA Awards Voting Academy, (b) an ARIA Awards Judging School, or (c) the general public.  Some special awards (for example, induction into the ARIA Hall of Fame, or an ARIA Lifetime Achievement Award) are determined by the ARIA Board.

An internal ARIA Committee consisting of ARIA Members and ARIA executives reviews and updates the composition of the ARIA Voting Academy and Judging Schools each year.  Voters are drawn from ARIA Members, broader music industry participants, music media, retailers and online service providers, ARIA Hall of Fame inductees and previous ARIA Awards nominees and winners. For the Judging Schools, voters are appointed based on their particular expertise in the relevant genre category. The number of potential voters from each ARIA Member is limited in each category to ensure that no ARIA Member can determine the outcome in any category.

How the ARIA Award winners are determined?

All entries lodged by ARIA members are first assessed to ensure that the relevant recordings are eligible for the particular Awards for which they have been entered. In order for an artist’s release to be eligible for an ARIA Award, the recording(s) must have been released in the current eligibility period. Once eligibility has been confirmed, all eligible entries received by ARIA are then presented to the Voting Academy and/or Judging Schools for their consideration.

Seven (7) categories are judged by the Voting Academy which consists of up to 800 representatives from every area of the music industry ('Academy').

Sixteen (16) categories are judged by specialist Judging Schools which consist of representatives experienced with that genre of music ('Judging School').

Five (5) awards are determined by Popular Vote. These are (i) Song of the Year, (ii) Most Popular International Artist, (iii) Best Australian Live Act, (iv) Best Video and (v) ARIA Music Teacher Award.

The ARIA Hall of Fame and the Icon and Lifetime Achievement Awards are awarded at the discretion of the ARIA Board. 

I'm interested in volunteering...

Thank you for considering us but we've got a long-list of people who have offered their services. Also note that we don't use or require seat warmers at the ARIAs.

I'm a VIP guest. What's the dress code?

Officially there is no dress code. It's the music industry so pretty much anything goes and you certainly won't be turned away for not dressing up enough. Or too much. Have a look at our gallery's history section to see what guests have worn to past events and that should give you a pretty good idea of what people wear.

I have a question about the ARIAs. Who do I contact?

Please use our Contact Form which will send your enquiry through to the appropriate team.

What are the ARIA Awards?

The ARIAs are the flagship event of the Australian music calendar - a celebration of all that is great and popular in local music.

The very first ARIA Awards were held in 1987 at the Sheraton Wentworth Hotel in Sydney, recognising excellence and innovation across all genres of Australian music. Those very first ARIAs were hosted by Sir Elton John and winners included INXS, Crowded House and a young John Farnham. Since that time the ARIA Awards have developed into Australia's pinnacle Awards ceremony, forging careers and playing host to countless memorable moments and performances.