Club Charts Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Club Chart calculated?

The ARIA Club Chart is based on weekly submissions from a panel of DJs working across Australia. Each DJ submits a Top 20 ranked list of the tracks that got the biggest positive reaction at their gigs during the preceding week. The data from all the contributing DJs is then weighted and collated to calculate and produce the Top 50.

I release my own music, how do I get it out to your DJ list?

ARIA does not publish the details of the DJ Panel, and will not hand out their contact information without their permission.  If you would like to reach out to them we are happy to pass on messages or information on your behalf, and they can then contact you directly if they choose. Due to privacy reasons, and our undertakings to our DJ panellists, ARIA will not issue the contact details of the DJ list to any third parties.

I run an independent record Label, how do I get our releases out to your DJ list?

ARIA can send your music information and contact details across to the DJ list on your behalf and if they vibe it they will get in contact with you directly. Due to privacy reasons, ARIA will not issue the contact details of the DJ list to any third parties.

I want to join the DJ panel – what do I need to do?

As the COVID-19 situation improves and Clubs across Australia are re-opening, ARIA is moving to recommence producing the official club chart from January 2021.  If you are a DJ who is working already or expects to be playing by January and you would like to join the ARIA DJ Panel, please complete an application form and it will be considered at our next Club Chart Committee meeting.  We will again be reviewing the list on a quarterly basis, and will be happy to receive and consider applications from interested working DJs.

I am an up and coming DJ, can I still apply to contribute to the ARIA Club Chart?

Of course! ARIA welcomes all DJs working across Australia to apply to contribute to the ARIA Club Chart. Each application is reviewed by our advisory committee at its quarterly meetings, and applicants advised of the outcome shortly after.  Please keep an eye on our website, for information on how to apply.

I am a touring DJ and do not have residencies, am I still eligible to apply to join the DJ list?

Yes! ARIA welcomes all DJs interested in becoming a contributor to the Club Chart. Every application is reviewed on a case by case basis.  Note though, that you should only contribute to the chart in weeks when you have performed at gigs in Australia.

How does the Committee determine which DJs should join the DJ Panel?

The Club Chart Committee is responsible for managing the composition of the DJ Panel, and ensuring that it is designed to best represent and reflect the most popular music being played in licensed club venues each week.  To achieve this the Committee has regard to the venues in which applicant DJs are playing, the usual size of the audience in those venues, the number and frequency of gigs the DJ may have, the geographic spread of DJs / the venues in which they play, and the range of music genres represented by the DJ Panellists.  At each of its quarterly meetings the Committee reviews the current make-up of the Panel and considers applications in line with its aim of achieving the appropriate balance based on audience, geography and genre. The Club Chart is a chart that reflects primarily what is being popularly played across all Australian dance clubs.

Does my music have to be released by an ARIA Member to be featured on the ARIA Club Chart?

No, if your music is being played in clubs, it is eligible to chart.

How are the APRA and PPCA royalties for club music paid out?

ARIA does not undertake any distributions on behalf of PPCA or APRA.  If you have questions about how either APRA or PPCA make their own distributions you should review their individual distribution policies and contact them if you have any questions.  Both have information on their distributions on their websites at and 

How do I get my track to chart on the ARIA Club Chart?

The Club Chart is based on DJ reaction charts. If your music is being played by ARIA contributing DJs at their gigs and they receive a good reaction to your music, then it should be included on their chart. ARIA contributing DJs are obliged to confirm each week that the ranked chart they submit is based on their own personal view of the reaction the tracks have achieved at their gigs, and that their submission has not been influenced by others.  Members of the ARIA DJ Panel should not be contacted and pressured to include particular tracks, and any DJs found to be making submissions that are not based on their genuine opinion on audience reaction at their gigs will be removed from the DJ Panel.

I would like to join the ARIA Club Chart Committee, what is the process?

Please email for an application form. The ACCC (ARIA Club Chart Committee) meet quarterly (February, May, August & November). Applications to join the Committee may be made at any time, but will be actioned once a year in order to settle the Committee composition for the start of the following year.  The Committee is currently made up of three Levy Members (Sony, Warner and Universal), seven ARIA Members, and five further genre specialists.

Why should I become an ARIA reporting DJ, and provide a chart return each week?

The ARIA Club Chart is intended to provide a weekly snapshot of the most popular tracks in licensed nightclub venues.  If you are a DJ that regularly plays in such venues, your weekly contribution can help capture and record what is happening in the club scene every week.  You might be playing a particular genre that does not always make it to the top of the chart, but by remaining a regular contributor you give your chosen genre the best possible chance of a chart appearance.  Further, at present ARIA makes Club Chart data available to APRA and PPCA, for use in some of their distribution processes.  So even if the recording does not appear in the chart, the data may be used in other ways.  ARIA is not otherwise involved in the distribution processes of either APRA or PPCA, and does not determine if or how either may use the data.  So, if you have questions on those distribution processes we recommend you visit their websites to view their respective distribution policies ( and or contact them directly.